Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nokia E7 - The Ultimate Business Smartphone

Nokia E7

A beautiful, innovative design with everything you need to stay in sync.

Nokia going to launch its New Business phone "Nokia E7-00" with New Symbian^3 Operating System, 4" ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen and QWERTY Keypad with HDMI Support. You can also connect your phone using HDMI directly to the HD TV and watch HD Videos Captured by E7 or Video Clips on Big Screen. Nokia E7 also supports Micro-USB. So you can access your USB Pen drive directly from phone. Nokia has just launch its new Nokia N8 Smartphone with 12 MP Camera.

The Nokia E7 is now available for pre-order in Finland and Sweden as of today and for other country Nokia Started the shipping of the Nokia E7 Device on December. Exact dates will vary by country, but at least we now have a solid date to go by.

Specification of Nokia E7:

  • 4" ClearBlack AMOLED  touch screen and QWERTY
  • Real-time work and personal emails
  • Maps with free GPS navigation
  • 8 MP camera and HD video
  • Fully integrated social networks
  • Symbian^3 Operating System
  • Real-time push emails with Mail for Exchange
  • Create, edit and share office docs and view PDF files with Adobe Reader.
  • Easily set up your calendar and sync it with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Chat through many IM services – Windows Messenger, Ovi Chat , Skype and more.
  • Keep important data protected with F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile.
  • Capture high-resolution photos and HD video using the 8 MP camera.
  • Use an HDMI* cable to view HD videos and images on your compatible TV.
  • National Geographic, CNN and many more channels with on-demand Web TV.

Get Full Specification on below link:

Video: Experience the Nokia E7

Video: Experience the Nokia E7

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TheRohan said...


Its your chance to win one of several new Nokia E7-00 devices….
You have about six weeks to create a new Forum Nokia Project or new Forum Nokia Wiki article (with code).
Think Quick: what amazing entry can you create? Entries are due by 6 March 2011.
You have roughly 6 weeks to either:
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• write a great Qt Quick article, tutorial or guide (with code) on the Wiki
Team work is allowed and even endorsed, but only one Nokia E7 will be granted to a winning team. Teams may also receive additional complementary Nokia products.
For the rules if you want to create a project OR the rules to create wiki articles check: