Friday, July 26, 2013

BlackBoard and Signature Pad Apps for New Nokia Asha 501

Hi All,

I have just published two below apps for Nokia Asha 501.

Black Board: 

Black Board is mobile application acting as a blackboard or chalkboard where we can draw anything and teach our children. It's very useful app for children to play with the phone and also learn meanwhile.

Signature Pad: 

Signature Pad is app to draw Signature and save it on phone. It works like a real Signature Pad tool.

This app can use for tasks:
- Scan your Signature and save it for later use on any scanned document
- Collect Celebrities Autograph on this app
- Collect your friends Autograph
- Practise your Signature on this app 
- Use this app to Scan of your Signature
- Works like real Signature Pad

Thanks & Regards,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nokia E7 Starts Shipping

The highly anticipated Nokia E7 will begin arriving in stores in select markets this week, with broader availability building up quickly in several markets. The Nokia E7 features a 4-inch ClearBlack display, full QWERTY keyboard, and fast access to a wide variety of apps directly on the homescreen, including business applications from Microsoft and IBM. Other features include an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, 16 gigabytes of flash memory, and file-sharing via USB-On-The-Go.

So what is ClearBlack display? - Nokia E7

ClearBlack display isn’t a completely new type of display technology like AMOLED. It’s actually a method to reduce reflections on the screen and improve visual image quality, especially outdoors. ClearBlack ensures that the blacks you see really are just that – black – which in turn enhances the contrast of the display and makes the whole screen much easier to see. This will be especially useful for apps like Ovi Maps, which are likely to be used outside. Also, sharing pictures or other items on-screen with others will be a lot easier due to the technology that enables excellent viewing angles.

The effect of the ClearBlack display technology is similar to that produced by a pair of polarising sunglasses. If you look at a body of water on a sunny day without a pair of polarising glasses, it’s really hard to see anything below the surface, but with the glasses on, the reflections are eliminated and you can see underneath the surface. In the same way, without ClearBlack display, you see the reflections on the phone’s screen, but with it you see the image on the screen. However, unlike sunglasses, ClearBlack display improves the vividness of the colors: in fact, because the contrast is higher, they’ll seem more vivid.

Another useful feature of this technology is also that the viewing angle of the device’s display is improved, so sharing pictures or other items on-screen will be a lot easier.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nokia E7 - The Ultimate Business Smartphone

Nokia E7

A beautiful, innovative design with everything you need to stay in sync.

Nokia going to launch its New Business phone "Nokia E7-00" with New Symbian^3 Operating System, 4" ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen and QWERTY Keypad with HDMI Support. You can also connect your phone using HDMI directly to the HD TV and watch HD Videos Captured by E7 or Video Clips on Big Screen. Nokia E7 also supports Micro-USB. So you can access your USB Pen drive directly from phone. Nokia has just launch its new Nokia N8 Smartphone with 12 MP Camera.

The Nokia E7 is now available for pre-order in Finland and Sweden as of today and for other country Nokia Started the shipping of the Nokia E7 Device on December. Exact dates will vary by country, but at least we now have a solid date to go by.

Specification of Nokia E7:

  • 4" ClearBlack AMOLED  touch screen and QWERTY
  • Real-time work and personal emails
  • Maps with free GPS navigation
  • 8 MP camera and HD video
  • Fully integrated social networks
  • Symbian^3 Operating System
  • Real-time push emails with Mail for Exchange
  • Create, edit and share office docs and view PDF files with Adobe Reader.
  • Easily set up your calendar and sync it with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Chat through many IM services – Windows Messenger, Ovi Chat , Skype and more.
  • Keep important data protected with F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile.
  • Capture high-resolution photos and HD video using the 8 MP camera.
  • Use an HDMI* cable to view HD videos and images on your compatible TV.
  • National Geographic, CNN and many more channels with on-demand Web TV.

Get Full Specification on below link:

Video: Experience the Nokia E7

Video: Experience the Nokia E7

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contributor of the Month for December 2010 on Forum Nokia

Hello to all,

I am selected as Contributor of the month for December 2010 on Forum Nokia for Continued to contribute high quality articles and edit articles even after the contest was over. I was also a winner of the Qt contest last year.

Thanks to Forum Nokia Community for choosing me as Contributor of the month

Chintan Dave.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Selected as Qt Wiki Article Contest Winner

Hello to all,

I am selected as winner in Nokia Qt Wiki Article Contest  for November 2010 and will get Nokia N8 as Prize.

Thanks to Forum Nokia for choosing me.

Nokia Qt is Cross-Platform Language. Using Qt we can make program to every platform like Symbian, Maemo, Meego, Window, Linux, Mac.  Qt language is really very easy language and we can make app by writing very less code and we can deploy our app everywhere as it is cross-platform language.


WaterBubble Game using Qt Quick - Developed by me

WaterBubble is very simple Entertainment game written for children and developed in Qt Quick for nokia device. By touching the touch screen in mobile or by mouse in computer, we can pop up the various kinds of bubbles. Also there are some small bubbles in the water popping up automatically.

You find the wiki article on Qt on Forum nokia Site on this link.

You can watch the WaterBubble Game in action on this video:

You find the wiki article on Qt on Forum nokia Site on this link.